TRX500FM Foreman 2014


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Honda's Utility ATVs and Side-by-Sides are designed to tackle the back 40 and all types of terrain so they can get the job done today and still play on the weekend.

Towing, Hauling, Trail riding

Heated Grips
$199.95 MSRP

The push-on heated grips kit includes: heat controller, heated grips, throttle thumb warmer, wiring and hardware. Features: non-adhesive grips, customized connectors for easy installation on your Honda, Dual Zone controller to regulate heat between the thumb and grips, five levels of heat, LED light level indicators that dim for nighttime use and a total 40 watts drawing less than 3 amps. Requires Accessory Sub Harness.

$189.95 MSRP

Premium polycarbonate material offers excellent impact resistance, as well as non-yellowing, non-cracking and UV resistant properties. Features an integrated Honda Tool-Less Clamp mount system for easy installation and removal.

TRX500FM Foreman 2014 Overview

Honda’s hard-working, hard-playing Foreman series has an almost cult like following and it’s little wonder. Its no nonsense approach to getting the job done has earned it respect on the work site, while its uncanny ability to slog through seemingly impassable terrain without complaint has made it a favorite on the trails too. For 2014 a number of targeted improvements have been introduced to enhance its capabilities even further. An all-new, stiffer chassis is fitted with longer travel suspension at both ends for improved comfort and handling. All-new bodywork gives a clean modern look and includes, full instrumentation, more powerful headlights and cargo racks with increased load capacity. A new electronic 2WD/4WD/Diff Lock system will be appreciated when the going gets tough as will the new, thicker, softer seat. Even alternator output has been upgraded to a substantial 481 watts to help power electrical accessories. Supplementing the TRX500PG Canadian Trail Edition that returns unchanged for 2014, the new TRX500 Foreman series offers three distinct variations so most rider's needs can be accommodated. The base TRX500FM offers a rugged manual shift gearbox with automatic clutch. The TRX500FPM goes one step further adding the ease and convenience of power steering. Going a step even further the TRX500FPE offers both power steering and push button shifting with Honda’s proven Electric Shift Program system. Colour selection includes the all-new new Honda-designed and trademarked Honda Phantom Camo™ recently introduced on the Pioneer.

TRX500 - the right tool for the job

Why Buy a Honda?

At Honda, we've built our reputation on superior design and innovation, powerful performance and legendary durability and dependability. It's evident in every product we build.

We never stop looking for ways to improve our ATVs: to maximize power, sharpen handling, minimize weight and optimize fuel efficiency – all with you the rider in mind.

Our goal is to ensure the most rewarding and enjoyable riding experience possible.

The Honda Advantage

Honda Utility and Recreational ATVs include many innovations that make them better performing, safer, more reliable, and of course, more fun to ride.

One of the most significant advantages is knowing that you can continue the joyful experience of owning a Honda product with our support over its lifetime

Honda has an extensive Canada-wide dealership network. We choose our dealers with the same care we put into designing and building our quality products. Honda dealers are here to service and repair your unit as specified by the factory.

Our highly skilled dealers use only Honda Genuine Parts to maintain the original level of Honda quality, and Honda Genuine Accessories allow you to customize your unit to suit your needs.

Whether you own a Honda vehicle, motorcycle, ATV, marine or power equipment product, remember that they are all supported by the same family that built them. Whenever you need us, we are here to ensure you can continue to enjoy any Honda product or service.

The Honda ATV Advantage

At Honda, innovation isn’t just a buzzword. Innovation is the driving force behind every product we engineer. Take a moment to learn about the Honda ATV advantage.

Why Buy a Honda ATV?

When you ride a Honda ATV, you know you’re aboard a machine that has been built without compromise, and backed by more than 30 years of experience. You know you’re riding the best.

Honda Advantage Technologies

Here are just a few examples of the advanced engineering and outside-the-box thinking that have made Honda ATVs the trusted choice of so many Canadian riders. For more than 30 years.

Bigger Isn’t Better

At Honda, we still think an ATV should be small enough to load easily into a pickup truck, and light enough that you ride it, it doesn’t drive you. The lighter the ATV, the faster it can accelerate and the quicker it can stop. A lighter ATV also corners with more precision and stays more composed over bumpy terrain. Lighter weight also means less stress on the engine and chassis components, so durability is improved.

Tough Transmissions

Honda ATVs feature a range of transmissions that are durable, highly resistant to dirt and water damage, and have no drive belts to burn out and replace. Our continuously variable, fully automatic Hondamatic™ transmission (available on the TRX500PG Canadian Trail Edition Rubicon) is the smoothest ATV transmission you'll ever experience. The three-speed Honda Automatic transmission (an automotive-style torque converter) is available on our TRX680F Rincon. And the TRX420PG Canadian Trail Edition uses the quick shifting Honda twin-clutch, five-speed automatic transmission.

Smart Engine Orientation

Longitudinal engine mounting not only improves powertrain efficiency and cuts weight, it also allows more leeway to position the engine precisely where it provides the best machine balance and centre of gravity. The result? Weight is divided more equally over all four wheels, which improves manoeuvrability, cornering, braking, traction... you name it. Today, you’ll find this simply ingenious example of sideways thinking on all Honda’s Utility and Recreation ATVs.

Cleaner Braking

The brakes on an ATV take a beating. Water, ice, dust, mud, rocks and branches, plus pounding over rough terrain, can all interfere with the operation and the lifespan of ATV brake components. That’s why Honda engineers took special care in the design and construction of our powerful front disc brakes. Each brake caliper features a patented built-in scraper system to help keep mud, snow, and debris from building up inside the wheels, giving you consistent brake performance in variable conditions.

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